Saturday, 1 October 2011

Street Art vs Tagging

I am amazed and in awe of the fabulous new street Art in Wellington seeWgnt Wall Street Blog
The city is alive with painting, stencils, paste-ups and street posters. I have collected together some of the images I have seen over the last few days on my picasa site Tony Cairns Public Picasa Albums. What doesnt thrill me is the tagging and graffitti over around and in spite of the Street Art in Island Bay and elsewhere.
I find it most annoying when it crawls off the walls and into my lab and infects my students work. So I am trying this week a public education campaigh to highlight the best of Wellingtons Street Art  rather than the worst of our tagging. I will be offering external motivators (pizza and chocolate) to the best street art produced by my Year 9 Kelly Students on their folders. The theme will be Light for the start of Term 4 and the Night Sky for the last 4 weeks of 2011. I am hoping we can move our students away from tagging and into vibrant exciting Street Art (with the best of Science themes running through it.

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