Friday, 15 April 2011

Yippee Schools finished for Term 1

At 8.30 I finally left the building - actually I left at 5 - but returned for more marking at 8 but whatever - its officially holiday time - ah the joy of true bliss - the long sleep ins - well to 8 when Lucy’s scramble for soccer begins - the leisurely lunches - well Liz does have Gym then - the dance class, swimming, tennis - sigh how I long for school. No way  - we have 14 blissful days to plan for term 2, mark the oodles of test papers teachers inflict on students in the dying hours of the term forgetting the karmic double whammy of marking and then resubbing in Term 2. And the joys of Easter made even more fleeting by the 125th reunion of WHS – a brilliant chance to meet all the teachers and students gone before – catch up with old friends and make new ones. Can’t wait but alas this blog will as Liz is clamouring for stories and Lucy is eager to feed the fish – on loan from school for 2 weeks R&R at chez fortunatus.

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