Thursday, 31 March 2011

Learning Conversations

Every Student in Junior School at Wellington High School (WHS - I teach Science, Biology and Digital Media there) has a blog, a site, a digital portfolio of their work. Early on in the year we discuss with them and their caregivers what goals they would set themselves to achieve in the term and Year. Each student sets up to three manageable, measureable and meabingful goals. We help them track and revirew their progress to achieving those goals on a weekly basis. We record with them how they are going and what they need to do to reach their goals. All data, reflections and results are available to share with their teacher, peers, parents or caregivers. All students at Junior School have theri own netbooks and laptops and work on them every day, every class and every evening. All data is stored on google docs and is available 24/7 worldwide (and on the space station should their parent be an astronaut - not likely yet tho) Tommorrow is our big day to set with caregiversnad students the years goals. Students websites are replete with images, work and reflections, They have half an hour each to present ther work, hopes and goals to parents and staff.  Let the goodtimes roll. Time to prise the laptpop off the 11 year old (Lucy) disengage the skype, inter the mobile and find the hidden nintendo while leaving enough books to keep and almost tweenager awake till late.

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