Thursday, 31 March 2011

Genetics and Genealogy

These are my two twin passions - apart from Pam and the kids - tho one may have lead to another I guess. My aim is to have all the antipodeans connected to a giant tree of life through the partners, descendants and ancestors they link to. I would like to connect that tree of life to the tree of knowledge - hanging all the fruit, leaves and branches of science, history and art from its golden boughs. Then I would like to frost that forest with a pinch of fairy dust (aka DNA) to find the missing links, long lost cousins and survivors of serendipity. Oh and I would like all the dead or non living or historical; records to be universally available 24/7 for free on the Net Necropolis. This may sound like Gataca or a brave new world but to me its the inevitable confluence of memory, passion and power in the post paper paradigm. This other virtual world I see as layers of meaning alternating in real time with real and virtual people their avatars and bots. I hope to replace this uni directional time and limited dimensioned space with a far more complex universe nesting in other dimensions, places and times linked by imaginary thinking and a virtualization of "reality". This above I would like yesterday but now its time for tea and hutch time for weary Guinea Pigs.

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