Thursday, 31 March 2011

Classrooms 3.0

My class is seamless, borderless and bold. Its walls and ceilings shimmer with images from a million points of light. All the chairs and desks and books ripple with translucense. The whole room is live, its a holodeck, a Frizellian Magic Bus (More Miss than Dick). Its like dreaming but connected to times and space and memories. Dream time meets Inner Space mediated by Potters Pensiev. Its an imaginary space actualized by virtual technology a 3D Third or Fourth Life a sims meets Spore in a Big Little World. Its a Jorvik Cart Ride meets Space Mountain Meets HD Imax mashup. Its a brave bnew world where Vogon poetry of yore (aka teacher talk) is banished by an improbability drive a heart of gold and a potted petunia (pace blue whale and Douglas Adams) More Solvent that Solution. Less Evolution than devolution (of knowledge) Equal parts dream and design. My class is people all ages, groups and places. But I digress,,,

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